Part of my goal is to help hearing professionals add this unique offering to their practice. Usually one gets started by installing a loop system in their patient reception area and in their fitting room. These systems must be connected to a sound source which is usually television or radio. These loop installations allow the hearing professional to demonstrate the system to each patient as they arrive to the office and during their hearing aid fitting. Most patients usually want this listening experience in their home after a very short demonstration.

There are a couple of ways to incorporate this into the dispensing process. The successful practices have been including an installed loop with each new fitting. Patients all over America are telling their hearing professionals that they love how the loop helps them to more fully and effortlessly enjoy TV and the fact that it works with their hearing aids helps them to perceive more value from their instruments

I have been professionally trained as an installer for these devices for in home use and commercial or public venues. I would like to offer this business service to you so that you may be more inclined to recommend these systems to your clients and at the same time keep you free from any additional responsibilities for them.  Let me help you to help the many other hearing aid users become aware of this unique and beneficial option at their disposal. I encourage you to contact me. At your convenience I will be glad to come to your place of business to introduce myself personally and explain a little more about my business and services.

My life has been changed as a result of installing a loop system in my own home. I know it would have the same effect for your clients as well. The hearing disabled are in many ways the un-noticed among the disabled. Most of us rarely complain and just accept our hearing aid limitations. Further more most of us are unaware of induction loop systems and their benefits. I know from my own experience as a hearing aid user, not being able to decipher speech under certain conditions has had a huge impact on my ability to function in or enjoy these experiences. We need to change that reality for others like myself.

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