About Us

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jeffrey Klus and I wear a hearing aid. I bring this to your attention because I have been a hearing aid user for many years and I have always been frustrated by the limitations of hearing aids when used in an environment that has any kind of ambient noise.

As I aged, this frustration had grown to the point where I became desperate for some type of remedy to help alleviate the problem of trying to decipher speech from surrounding noise while watching TV or trying to hear in public venues.

Little did I know, that through a minor adjustment to my hearing aid, I could reap the rewards of a whole new and exciting option for my hearing use.

As a result of my own hearing loss I have become a devoted advocate of hearing loop systems. My wish being that all hearing aid users will be able to benefit by the use of these assistive listening systems at some point in their lives.

These systems require proper installation procedures in order to make them functional whether in the home or a public venue. I have been a licensed general contractor in the State of California for more than 32 years. As a result I am well versed in the understanding of residential and commercial building components. My ability to apply this knowledge along with my training in induction loop systems and installation is a huge factor in the quality of service I am able to supply to my clients.

I am also a Vietnam era Army Veteran and a firm supporter of the armed forces of America.


We install Hearing Loop Systems in Northern California

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